Marriage Quotes from Love in the Time of Cholera

“Together they had overcome the daily incomprehension, the instantaneous hatred, the reciprocal nastiness and fabulous flashes of glory in the conjugal conspiracy. It was the time when they loved each other best, without hurry or excess, when both were most conscious and grateful for their incredible victories over adversity. Life would present them with other mortal trials, of course, but that no longer mattered: they were on the other shore.”
– Gabriel Garcia Marquez


5 Reasons Why I Do Not Recommend Life Maid Easy Agency

If you are a parent looking for a “yaya” or “kasambahay” (house help), I do NOT recommend that you hire one from The Life Maid Easy (formerly Quality Care) Agency. I have already read negative reviews about them online but I still availed of their service because at that time, I was already feeling desperate.

These are the reasons why I regret hiring a “yaya” from them:

1. The first yaya they gave me was not fit to take care of children. She put my son’s life in danger by pushing his stroller in front of a moving car and placing him inside the tennis court while there was a game going on. I also caught her posting a selfie of herself on Facebook during the time she was supposed to be focused on taking care of my baby. She also admitted during the time when we fired her that she lied about saying that she had previous experience in taking care of kids. Pinilit lang raw ng agency na mag-alaga siya ng bata kasi wala pa ring nagha-hire sa kanya.

2. They were supposed to give me a “free replacement” if the first hire did not work out. It took more than three months before they could find me a replacement. They were also asking me for an additional Php 2,000 because the helper came from the province and was not Manila-based. (It was obviously another money-making racket.) Hindi ako pumayag. Dapat free. I already paid them a hefty sum of Php 8,500 …why should I give them an additional Php2,000 when they said that they will replace the first one for free?

3. The replacement they gave me who did not require an additional Php 2,000, was okay naman. She had a good rapport with my kid and was respectful. However, her “day off” actually took 2 to at most 3 weeks! There’s always an issue at home that required her presence (eg., death of a relative, son got hospitalized, son eloped). She also often asked for cash advance. She is still working for us, though, since she is hardworking and sanay na ako sa kanya.

4. They have recently contacted my “yaya” (the replacement) and was pestering her to come back to the agency. I realized that it is another racket so they can give her to a different person and they can earn from the referral. I called them to stop calling my yaya since she is obviously still working for me. Yet the day after, they still called her and text-messaged her to come back to the agency.

5. The replacement yaya told me that her daughter who was also a maid from their agency was being maltreated by her boss. However, the Life Maid Easy agency did not do anything to support or defend her daughter.

I am attaching a link to their website . I know that finding a good yaya is close to impossible, and I am sorry if I could not help you out. I hope that at least my negative experience with the Life Maid Easy Agency will help you make a better decision when it comes to finding house help.

Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop Review

Last Father’s Day, my sister Hiyasmin Neri gave my husband a cute gift as a token of appreciation for being the dad of her two cute nephews. It’s a customized candy bar by Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 10.12.13 AM.png

I thought that it was so cute and creative. I remember seeing similar customized candy bars in one of the stalls in Newport Mall‘s Mother’s Day Fair. I decided to check out their Facebook Page to see their product list and prices. I’ve been thinking of ordering chocolate bars for my bunso’s Dedication Day. I thought that instead of the usual trinket giveaways that will eventually end up forgotten (or worse, in the garbage bin), my guests will surely appreciate a yummy chocolate bar to take home that will remind them of my cute and sweet baby.

It was so easy to order from Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop. I dropped them a message through Facebook and gave them my order. I ordered 100 medium-sized local chocolate bars. Each piece costs Php 23.00. If you check out their page, you’ll see that they also offer imported variants and bigger sizes. They then asked me for my baby’s picture and the design I wanted. They took care of the layout and sent it to me right away for approval. I just asked them to tweak the font a little bit. They were super nice and polite in accommodating my requests. The final design looked like this:

🍬Candy Bar giveaway for my 🚼baby's Dedication Day #chubzandmimiscandyshop #localchocolate #baptismalph

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I met up with the owner’s niece at a nearby mall to pick up my order. The transaction went smoothly. The chocolates were placed in a well-packaged box with bubble wrap. She reminded me not to put the chocolates in the fridge since it could mess up the print if they get wet.

This is how the giveaways were displayed during the reception:

Cake by #redribbon and chocolate giveaways by #chubzandmimiscandyshop #dedicationday #gerrysgrillnewportcity

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I am super thrilled that my family and friends really liked their chocolate giveaways. I even saw some of them eat their candy right away even before they got home (lol)!

I recommend Chub’z and Mimi’s Candy Shop to all the moms and dads who are thinking of the perfect giveaway for their parties and special events.

Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop: 09159465858

Gerry’s Grill Baptism Package (Review)

A child’s Christening Day is one of the most celebrated affairs by the family. It is the day when family, godparents, and friends gather to witness the baby being dedicated unto the Lord.

My son recently had his Dedication Day Reception at Gerry’s Grill in Newport City. My husband and I decided to hold this event there because of their worry-free all-in package. We wanted the celebration to be simple and intimate, inviting only a few close and friends and relatives. In the Philippines, a “few” may translate to as many as fifty guests.

My husband and I dropped by Gerry’s Grill Newport a month before the expected date of the dedication so that we can choose a menu package for our function. Gerry’s Grill is known for its sizzling plates and Filipino dishes. We chose their MENU C package, which cost Php 470 per person for a minimum of 50 pax.


Lumpiang Shanghai
Fried Chicken and Fries
Beef Kare-Kare
Pork Sisig
Plain Rice

Inclusive of
Bottomless Iced Tea
Leche Flan

Guests arrived as early as 2:30 P.M., and the restaurant readily accommodated them. At 3:00, the waiters already served them with iced tea and water. Our program started at 4:00, and dinner was served right after. The guests were satisfied with the food. It was served hot and everything was delicious. The waiters were prompt in servicing the needs of our guests.

Their function package included 20 balloons, a catering setup, trained servers, and a banner. I like the way they decorated the place. It was simple but well-organized.

Our event lasted for 3 hours, from 3 to 6 P.M.

Love my highschool barkada #titasofmanila #upisbatch2001 #gerrysgrill

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Since we rented their speaker and microphones, they charged us an additional Php500 for the electricity charge. The restaurant played children’s nursery rhymes as the background music. However, the manager offered to give us back the Php500 because their microphones were not working properly. I just told him to use it as a group tip for the servers.

Dedication Day reception at #Gerrysgrill #Newport #redribboncake #chubzandmimiscandyshop

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Overall, our families and friends had a great time. I recommend Gerry’s Grill Newport to parents looking for a place to hold their child’s Christening reception.


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Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash (Review)

My toddler is allergic to peanuts, eggs, cotton fluff and dog/cat fur. My son’s allergy doctor told me that he should bathe with unscented soap and use unscented shampoo and that we should not use scented fabric conditioner. Perfume is not allowed either. She recommended Dove soap or Perla. I used Dove soap on him and he did not develop any reactions towards it. He smelled good even after a whole day of playing. However, I wanted to use something else that’s specifically made for babies. Since I also have a one-month-old baby, I wanted to use a product that both of them can share.

My husband bought the Aveeno Baby Cleansing Therapy Moisturizing Wash from the Johnson & Johnson store (since he works there) and I tried it on my two children. It is quite expensive at Php 300+ for 236ml (8 fl. oz) but I think it’s worth it. A little goes a long way! The consistency is creamy, and it you only need to use one to two squirts to clean the entire face and body. I also use it as a shampoo. I also like that it is fragrance-free, dye-free, and alcohol-free.
It moisturizes as well, so I did not need to put lotion on my toddler’s skin (which is a good thing, since he’s not allowed to have lotion either). This product is Made in the USA, so it is assumed to be a high-quality product. It also claims to be pediatrician recommended and it is accepted by the National Eczema Association. I also use this on my one-month-old baby, and it is gentle enough on his delicate skin.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I repurchase? Yes!

Have you tried this Aveeno product, mommas? What do you think of it?

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A Half Day at Manila Ocean Park (Review)

My husband and I have always thought of bringing our kids to Manila Ocean Park. My toddler is already interested in animals and sea creatures. However, this trip had been postponed and rescheduled many times over. It’s been a crazy week for me and my husband due to the fact that our Yaya is on an extended vacation. So when my dad said he’d love to help us take care of the kids, we said yes, let’s finally do it. Let’s go see the sea animals this Saturday!

We decided to buy the Deep Sea Rush package (Php 590) since we wanted to make our trip short but sweet. It included the following 6 attractions:

Back of the House
Jellies Exhibit
Sea Lion Show
Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter
Symphony Evening Show

We got there at 2:00 in the afternoon. We did not have a difficult time finding a parking spot because their parking area was pretty huge. When we got to the entrance, I noticed that there were plenty of large cooling fans with mist, which reminded me of the ones they had at Disneyworld Orlando. It was a pretty hot July day, and those fans sure brought me a lot of relief from the heat. The facility is pretty much PWD-friendly, so I was really glad that there was a ramp leading to the entrance- which made carrying a stroller easier for us.


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We brought the stroller for our toddler (which he was out of for the majority of the trip since he wanted Lolo to carry him), and I used my Ergobaby carrier for my baby.

#ergobaby #manilaoceanpark

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We paid for our tickets at the counter, and the staff honored my dad’s senior discount. My toddler paid full price since he’s over two feet tall. My 2- month- old got in for free.

First, we went to the Oceanarium. They had plenty of different kinds of fish imported from other countries. Of course, my kid’s favorites were Nemo, Dory, Seastar, and Seahorse. He got a little bit scared when he saw the manta rays and the sharks, but he soon got over his fear.

#Seahorse #manilaoceanpark

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My 1 year old said "Sea Star!" when he saw this! #manilaoceanpark #seastar #starfish

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When my baby started to get hungry, I was even able to nurse him while I was walking through the underwater exhibit! I used my Inangscollection nursing cover.

It was almost 3:00 when we finished going through the exhibit. We took the stairs to the second floor to get to the next attraction. My husband folded the stroller and my dad carried my kid. When we got to the top, I realized that there was actually an elevator for PWDs and strollers. Anyway, we thought we had time to catch the 3:00 Sea Lion show but we decided to just go to the 5:00 one since the stadium was pretty far from where we were. We just took a snack break at one of the kiosks. We bought a nacho combo meal for Php 70 (nachos + soda), a Nestle Drumstick, and a Gatorade.

My toddler went on three moving rides which cost Php10 a token. The Pelican and the Police Car were among those rides that were working.

#manilaoceanpark #pelican

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We decided to skip the Back of the House exhibit because my husband said that there really was not anything to see back there.

We continued walking after we had our snack break and went past the Trails of Antarctica (penguin exhibit + Christmas village) and the Yexel Toy Museum, which were not included in our ticket. My toddler loves the Minions, so we took a photo in front of the “Ba-bas”.

MINIONS! #yexelmuseumoceanpark

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Next stop was the Jellies Exhibit, which was basically a dark room with mirrors and huge tanks and pillars of lighted jellyfish. The overall effect was very pretty. I did get a little dizzy probably because of the dark and also because there was not enough airconditioning or ventilation inside. I still managed to nurse my baby for the second time while I was walking through the exhibit. I don’t know how I managed to do that, but I did.

Jellyfairies #manilaoceanpark #momandme

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Jellyfish fairies #manilaoceanpark

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It was around 3:30 when we were done with the Jellies Exhibit. We then went outside to the front of the complex to see the Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter. There you can get a chance to touch the sharks and the rays. There were trained staff to assist anyone who wanted to do that. We did not touch the fish but we were able to see a shark up close, which was pretty cool.

At 4:00, I was already feeling very hot and tired. I took a bathroom break in one of the public bathrooms near North Park. It had tissue paper, which was great, but there was no soap at the sink. Good thing I brought my Human Nature Sanitizer to keep my hands clean.

We had merienda at the North Park because it had seats and airconditioning. The food and service were “meh”. No reason to come back.

My husband and toddler went to the bathroom for a diaper change and came back carrying a souvenir toy bucket filled with plastic sea creatures. It was a good deal for Php 210. I like that it’s educational and relatively cheap.

Finally, at 5:00, we went to the stadium to see the Sea Lion Show. It was cute and entertaining for the most part. The sea lions and the seals (yes, there’s a difference) performed adorable tricks such as clapping, waving, and synchronized jumping. At around 5:30, my toddler was already becoming restless so we decided that it was time to call it a day. We did not get to see the Symphony Evening Show because it was getting late and it was already starting to rain. The adults were also feeling very exhausted already.

Overall, I would give this trip a 4 out of 5.

How about you? Have you brought your children to Manila Ocean Park? How was your experience like?

Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk: My Holy Grail Sunscreen

After what seemed to be an endless hunt for the perfect sunscreen for the face, I have finally found my HG! A close friend who is a fellow skin care enthusiast recommended Biore to me because it’s really good… so I decided to check it out at the nearest Watsons. There were two kinds on display- a pink one and a blue one. I decided to go for the pink one because of the word bright (and because pink caught my attention). True enough, the Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk turns out to be an amazing product. It’s made in Japan, and we all know that means high quality. I think it’s even better than Clinique’s City Block SPF 45.

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  1. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on the face. Its texture is similar to Shiseido‘s liquid foundation.
  2. It can act as a makeup base, and it gives my skin this light pinkish glow. It also does not leave an ugly white cast on your face. It’s also good for covering pores! It mixes well with my CosRx CC Cushion (another amazing product that I will blog about later).
  3. It is light-scented, and it doesn’t smell like the usual sunblock.
  4. It has SPF 50+, which is pretty high!
  5. It helps make my skin less oily even after a hot and sweaty day.


  1. It’s a bit pricey at Php380 for 30ml, but then again, you get what you pay for!
  2. This is available at Watson’s and The SM Store!

I have yet to try the blue and white variants. Have you tried any Biore products? What do you think of them?

Scripture Swaddles: LukieBear Baby

I had just received a beautiful present from a very good friend, and it’s called the LukieBear Baby Scripture Swaddle. I am a fan of muslin cloth for babies because it’s made of 100% cotton. My one-month-old loves to be swaddled, and this was the perfect welcome gift for him.

He doesn’t seem to be very happy in this picture but I swear he was in a better mood after being swaddled:

Check out the LukieBear Baby Essentials IG. I love that they put beautiful Bible verses on their blankets. Children, after all, are a gift from the Lord.

7 Food Art Creations by Mrs. Domesticated

I met Mrs. Domesticated way back in college when she was still Ms. Tina Langit. She was one of the most popular faces (and voices) on campus. I admired her a lot because as a student leader in UP Diliman, she was always on top of her game! Now that she is a wife and certified alpha mom, Mrs. Christina Langit-Bagro (@mrsdomesticated) continues to soar high by taking motherhood to a whole new level. She makes food art creations for her kids!

I seriously feel like I do not have the time (nor the talent) to create carefully crafted meals for my children, but I got inspired after seeing Mrs. Domesticated’s Instagram feed (#momgoals).

So what did I learn from Mrs. Domesticated when it comes to making food art?

1. You need to plan ahead. Know which food you plan on making and list the ingredients for the meal. Cheese is super essential.

2. Think of how you will arrange the food. You can check out Pinterest, YouTube, or Google for inspiration.

3. Do it for your kids. Seeing your kids happy with their food is worth the time and the effort.

Check out some of her creations:

1. Christmas Snowman

2. The Swan:

3. Panda:

4. Mickey Mouse:

5. Angry Bird:

6. Panda #2:

7. Baymax:

Have you tried making food art for your kids? Share your creations in the comments section!