5 Reasons Why I Do Not Recommend Life Maid Easy Agency

If you are a parent looking for a “yaya” or “kasambahay” (house help), I do NOT recommend that you hire one from The Life Maid Easy (formerly Quality Care) Agency. I have already read negative reviews about them online but I still availed of their service because at that time, I was already feeling desperate.

These are the reasons why I regret hiring a “yaya” from them:

1. The first yaya they gave me was not fit to take care of children. She put my son’s life in danger by pushing his stroller in front of a moving car and placing him inside the tennis court while there was a game going on. I also caught her posting a selfie of herself on Facebook during the time she was supposed to be focused on taking care of my baby. She also admitted during the time when we fired her that she lied about saying that she had previous experience in taking care of kids. Pinilit lang raw ng agency na mag-alaga siya ng bata kasi wala pa ring nagha-hire sa kanya.

2. They were supposed to give me a “free replacement” if the first hire did not work out. It took more than three months before they could find me a replacement. They were also asking me for an additional Php 2,000 because the helper came from the province and was not Manila-based. (It was obviously another money-making racket.) Hindi ako pumayag. Dapat free. I already paid them a hefty sum of Php 8,500 …why should I give them an additional Php2,000 when they said that they will replace the first one for free?

3. The replacement they gave me who did not require an additional Php 2,000, was okay naman. She had a good rapport with my kid and was respectful. However, her “day off” actually took 2 to at most 3 weeks! There’s always an issue at home that required her presence (eg., death of a relative, son got hospitalized, son eloped). She also often asked for cash advance. She is still working for us, though, since she is hardworking and sanay na ako sa kanya.

4. They have recently contacted my “yaya” (the replacement) and was pestering her to come back to the agency. I realized that it is another racket so they can give her to a different person and they can earn from the referral. I called them to stop calling my yaya since she is obviously still working for me. Yet the day after, they still called her and text-messaged her to come back to the agency.

5. The replacement yaya told me that her daughter who was also a maid from their agency was being maltreated by her boss. However, the Life Maid Easy agency did not do anything to support or defend her daughter.

I am attaching a link to their website . I know that finding a good yaya is close to impossible, and I am sorry if I could not help you out. I hope that at least my negative experience with the Life Maid Easy Agency will help you make a better decision when it comes to finding house help.