Gerry’s Grill Baptism Package (Review)

A child’s Christening Day is one of the most celebrated affairs by the family. It is the day when family, godparents, and friends gather to witness the baby being dedicated unto the Lord.

My son recently had his Dedication Day Reception at Gerry’s Grill in Newport City. My husband and I decided to hold this event there because of their worry-free all-in package. We wanted the celebration to be simple and intimate, inviting only a few close and friends and relatives. In the Philippines, a “few” may translate to as many as fifty guests.

My husband and I dropped by Gerry’s Grill Newport a month before the expected date of the dedication so that we can choose a menu package for our function. Gerry’s Grill is known for its sizzling plates and Filipino dishes. We chose their MENU C package, which cost Php 470 per person for a minimum of 50 pax.


Lumpiang Shanghai
Fried Chicken and Fries
Beef Kare-Kare
Pork Sisig
Plain Rice

Inclusive of
Bottomless Iced Tea
Leche Flan

Guests arrived as early as 2:30 P.M., and the restaurant readily accommodated them. At 3:00, the waiters already served them with iced tea and water. Our program started at 4:00, and dinner was served right after. The guests were satisfied with the food. It was served hot and everything was delicious. The waiters were prompt in servicing the needs of our guests.

Their function package included 20 balloons, a catering setup, trained servers, and a banner. I like the way they decorated the place. It was simple but well-organized.

Our event lasted for 3 hours, from 3 to 6 P.M.

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Since we rented their speaker and microphones, they charged us an additional Php500 for the electricity charge. The restaurant played children’s nursery rhymes as the background music. However, the manager offered to give us back the Php500 because their microphones were not working properly. I just told him to use it as a group tip for the servers.

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Overall, our families and friends had a great time. I recommend Gerry’s Grill Newport to parents looking for a place to hold their child’s Christening reception.


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