7 Food Art Creations by Mrs. Domesticated

I met Mrs. Domesticated way back in college when she was still Ms. Tina Langit. She was one of the most popular faces (and voices) on campus. I admired her a lot because as a student leader in UP Diliman, she was always on top of her game! Now that she is a wife and certified alpha mom, Mrs. Christina Langit-Bagro (@mrsdomesticated) continues to soar high by taking motherhood to a whole new level. She makes food art creations for her kids!

I seriously feel like I do not have the time (nor the talent) to create carefully crafted meals for my children, but I got inspired after seeing Mrs. Domesticated’s Instagram feed (#momgoals).

So what did I learn from Mrs. Domesticated when it comes to making food art?

1. You need to plan ahead. Know which food you plan on making and list the ingredients for the meal. Cheese is super essential.

2. Think of how you will arrange the food. You can check out Pinterest, YouTube, or Google for inspiration.

3. Do it for your kids. Seeing your kids happy with their food is worth the time and the effort.

Check out some of her creations:

1. Christmas Snowman

2. The Swan:

3. Panda:

4. Mickey Mouse:

5. Angry Bird:

6. Panda #2:

7. Baymax:

Have you tried making food art for your kids? Share your creations in the comments section!


From Maidenhood to Motherhood

Alexa Wilding…my inspiration in embracing the mom bod:

“That’s when I realized what really happened to me. It’s this maidenhoodΒ to motherhood transformation… and we, as a culture, Β we want to stay in maidenhood as long as possible. So many women are trying to erase that rite of passage from their bodies, from their faces, their experiences.”

“I’m starting to feel a new sexiness. It’s like a little seed that is just starting to sprout. I don’t know what it’s going to be and what it’s going to look like but it’s coming.”

“I want to dispel the myth that we have to go to crazy lengths to erase maternity from our bodies. Because it’s not going to work. We’re still going to be mothers. We still left point A and got to point B and we should be proud of all the steps we took to get there.”